Tattoo, 2022
gouache ink on paper
6 x 4 in
Price on Request
today is Nov 15,, I just finished this study this morning,, I have been working on some ideas for larger work,, but have recently been offering the smaller studies,, sometimes people ask me who the person is,, sometimes I invent the person,, or sometimes I use a mix of several people or whatever I need to do to make the painting work for me,, this is a real person,, I did work from a photo that I took at my Las Animas studio in Santa Fe,, something about it inspired me to start a study,,,and I cant explain to you what that is,, only the heart knows,,, and there are no words,, it was challenging as I did not know if I wanted to add color,, and I do have photos of the sketch in the early state if you want to see,,,,the Tattoo was of Virgin De Guadalupe and you know I love to paint her,,, so here is the sketch with larger work to come,, enjoy,, Tattoo



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