Brad’s new CD with Fred Simpson

Brad Smith and Fred Simpson have come together to collaborate on a new CD, Infinite Rhythm, which will be recorded live in the gallery one track at a time. The project should be finished this summer and will feature African inspired rhythms combined with the creative input of Fred and Brad’s experience in drumming of 100 years… This CD is gonna make you wanna move! It will be available in the gallery later this summer. We will be performing live on Canyon Road, check out this web site for upcoming performances!

“After painting and playing music for more than 50 years, I feel comfortable expressing myself in both media… And in a way, I have come full circle in both painting and music,
enjoying where I am at in both media, and incorporating them both in the gallery has been very fulfilling. Some of my paintings have become more child like, like the Butterfly Garden series. And the music I am playing is the root of all music, African Drumming… Being a professional studio musician enabled me to play and perform all kinds of music and I love a wide range, but African drumming has enabled me to find a new voice to express myself, and I still have a lot to say after all this time… Just as in my painting, I feel I am just getting started! I will have new works for you to view and listen to as I work in both media this summer.” – Brad Smith

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