Good Morning #5

"Good Morning #5" in progress

Good Morning #5," oil on canvas, 60" x 60"

I am working on a new painting based on a sketch I did in oil on paper in January. Many times someone will ask me how long it takes to make a painting… There is no real answer; for example, I would have to say I started this painting in January – now is the end of June and I am just now getting the idea to canvas… It took much consideration to decide what scale would be best for the idea; the original sketch is small, maybe 8″ x 8″ or so… so I just thought and thought and thought… For some reason today I felt confident about the 60″ x 60″ you see me working on in the photo! This little idea has been floating in my head for months now – time to make it come to life! “Good Morning #5″ 60″ x 60”, oil on canvas.

Brad Smith
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