Kelsie Smith – Artist’s Statement

I was born in Negros Oriental, Philippines. I have always loved the arts. Drawing has been one of the hidden talents that I have possessed since childhood. Brad Smith, the love of my life, taught me to appreciate the arts, to explore the wonders of being an artist and how painting and art can make a big difference in one’s life.  He has helped me believe in myself and let me see that all things are positive.  This gave me the confidence and courage to prove that I am truly blessed with this gift of being an artist.  I am inspired by his love and art. My family, who is always there for me through thick and thin continue to be an inspiration to me and I want to share my achievements with them.

My interest in painting has drawn intense. The desire of being called even an emerging artist has grown wild. The encouragement and full support given to me has motivated me to improve my skills and to excel at what I do- from simply drawing an object to painting wonderful scenes and views.  Hopefully, I will be known as a great artist someday.

I have always loved God’s creation and admire the beauty of the world. Since I have lived in the Philippines all of my life, I want to showcase Filipino crafts and culture in my art, so that people from other countries may have a great picture of the Philippines, as well as of the people living there.

Through painting, I can express what I feel. After you see my paintings, there is no need for me to say that I am proud to be a Filipino or how happy I am to be living the life that I have now, or how it feels to love and be loved in return. This is all communicated through my art. Completing a painting fills me with a mixture of joy and excitement. Joy for finishing a painting independently after so many long hours of giving my full attention and effort to what I paint, finally making it a reality. Excitement about how people will respond to my work.

Being able to share a painting with a collector and having my paintings resonate with them gives me a sense of achievement and this encourages me to paint even more amazing paintings. I believe painting has made me a better person and has given me confidence and contentment in life. I would like my collectors to feel that my paintings are more valuable than the amount that they pay for them.

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