Karen Whitmore

Artist Work

Karen was born in Memphis, Tennessee, but has lived in New Mexico for the past 28 years and calls Santa Fe home.  For the past three years, Karen has worked as a Veterinary Technician while painting and taking art classes with artists Lee Rommell, Don Finkeidei, Anita Louise West, Charles Reid, Kim English, and Roberta Remy.  Karen’s biggest inspiration in animal painters is Linda St. Clair, a successful artist and Aldea resident.  Karen’s love for animals has now switched from caring for them to painting them full time.

Karen is an impressionistic oil painter of farm animals, as well as landscapes, still life, and portraits.  She strives to capture the spirit and energy of the animal, therefore, the process must be quick and spontaneous.  She draws her image in with oil paint and the painting is usually completed within two days.

Past exhibitions of her work at the Bang Gallery, Artisan, Santa Fe Convention Center, Open Hands, Deborah Gold Fine Art on Canyon Road, and is currently showing at the Brad Smith Gallery in Santa Fe, and at the Bob Schwann Gallery in Wichita, Kansas.

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