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Bill Schmidt

Bill Schmidt

As a plein air painter for more than 25 years, I appreciate the beauty of nature and the fleeting quality of light and atmospheric conditions. For me there is also beauty in buildings, boats, and the effects created by man-made structures. Patterns, light, contrasts, and colors are what attract me to a scene.

My style has been called loose realism or American impressionism, painterly but with enough attention to detail that the subject matter is easily recognizable. I work in oils with a 10-color palette that enables me to paint bright scenes as well as overcast, twilight, and fog in all seasons, at home and in my travels.

When a potential scene “hits me,” I begin to paint by making several pencil sketches to develop my composition; I then proceed to paint the image on site. My challenge is to capture the affects that attracted me to a particular scene in the limited amount of time I have before the light changes and the original scene is gone. Later, in my studio, I make minor corrections or add finishing touches to the painting.

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